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The Flock Dating FAQ

You've got questions?

We've got answers.

Learn what this app/site is all about in our FAQ. It'll get you up to speed quickly.


A Peek

at What's Inside

A Dating Platform core with search, chat, matches etc..

With a Social Network subsystem as seen below.

Social Network of our own!

No spying eyes...

Dating social platform with all the features of Facebook! But none of the spying eyes!

Blog, News Feed, Groups, Pages and so much more! Let's Go!

Join today for exclusive access! Members only.

Website and App Features

in active development mode.. so stay tuned!

Flock Social Network!

We've built an AWESOME (exclusive members only) Social Network into our website! Full featured, fast as hell. Let's Go!


We think online dating is better and less lonely with friends. We let users invite their friends/family into the site!
Friends make the experience less lonely, and more fun! Bring them in, make it more fun for yourself.


You get a Match if your friend forwards someone's profile to you, OR if there's a mutual like. It's simple but it works! Full Search capabilities take care of the rest. :-)

Scammers, Bots, and Fakes booted!

We use cutting edge technology to identify fakes, bots, scammers and hackers. We analyze multiple data points to identify scammers, bots and fakes and boot them out. That's a BIG bonus for you.

Local Search

Search your area with a couple clicks! See who's ready to chat today! Flock Social has geographical search too! See who's actually nearby!

Share Profiles with Friends

Ever shown a profile to a friend on your phone to ask their opinion?

If you’re on our platform with your friends, you can share profiles to each other easily

Free chatting

We don't restrict chatting.. We want you to chat. We're here for your success, not to limit it.

Check out our "Commercial"?

AUDIO ON! KickA$$ Guitar Rips!

Missing for too long

Friends and Family

Friends/family hold a very key role in our decisions to pursue romance with someone. Yet they're excluded from dating apps? Why?

Truth is, they're excluded because it breaks their financial models.

Well it doesn't break ours. Come along for the ride with us?




It's simple here at Flock. There's 2 ways you can get a match in the system.

  • If someone you liked, likes you back.
  • A friend shares a profile with you.

Simple system, but very effective.

We'll be working on a matching algorithm someday..

Burnt out from Online Dating?

Yup, you're not alone. Millions feel the same way. You feel like you're a rinse/repeat cycle out there, with scammers around every corner.

You need something more social, fun, active, inspiring, and encouraging. That also deals with scammers.

"The Flock" is our answer to "how it should be done".


We build "Humane Technology".

Check the linked text ^ for more info.. but what this means for you is,

  • We do not track you or collect data we dont need
  • We don't create fake accounts to trick you
  • We aggresively look for and boot out scammers
  • We check every account flagged by our users
  • Our founder and primary developer is an Eagle Scout
  • We're fully compliant with GDPR guidelines
  • We will never put profit over privacy and security

"Social Dilemma" documentary shows vividly that the Big Tech industry has a real issue on it's hands. They're mining data off of us, and selling it to advertisers, and they've been caught.
We're learning of people losing trust in the giants, DAILY , and it's bad.

This is why we are committed to protecting you and your information. We will not become "them".

and it's all FREE!

Everyone loves free!

We may need to monetize at some point, but right now the whole platform is free. So why not check it out? Click that Sign Up button ^, and let's do this!


kind words from members

I’m just amazed by this

This app is Awesome! it beats all the others to crap… I don’t think I’ve ever seen one like this before. I’m glad I found it. It’s about time someone knew what to make for an app like this. You guys have made exactly what needs to exist. I’m going to be telling all my friends about it ! I don’t think the other site creators are as enthusiastic and about helping people as these entrepreneurs are and that makes a huge difference…


Daren B “Hopeful to meet someone”

I found my Match!

Thank you to the guys at Flock Dating! This app WORKS! After being in a relationship for the last 15 years I wasn’t sure how this dating thing was gonna go, never mind online dating… You never know who you are going to find here. During our first date I knew we were headed in the right direction it’s now been over a year and we are still loving every minute of it..

Update: 8/2020 - We got married!!!!


Todd L. “Happy in Love”

Finally a site that gets it

It is SO COOL to be able to be in a dating site with my friends! I love this! I’m telling everyone I know about it. Thanks for creating this, it’s long overdue!


Lilly P. “Excited for whats next”